Clark Football Languages Ltd. (CFL Ltd.) is a bespoke football language company that works closely with football clubs, football associations, football bodies and the media/TV involved in international football.


We provide a complete football language service including interpreting, translations, subtitling, language tuition, video editing, voice-overs in a wide range of languages.

CFL Ltd. and its multi-media arm CFL Media Services provides experienced qualified multi-lingual football interpreters. 

Multi-media services: Our services are specifically aimed at the world of the international football industry. 


The international football world has its own language and culture. CFL Ltd. has a team of ex-players, coaches, experienced football interpreters, translators and languages tutors who fully understand the football mentality and language that is unique to this sport. 




Office: 01737 830774 

Direct: 07973 519-863

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Director:​ Peter Clark
Director/Secretary & Recruitment officer: Mariella Clark
Assistant Recruitment officer:
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Clark Football Languages Ltd is a bespoke football languages company working in international Football by providing a complete Football language service.