Work with us...we're always looking to recruit new multi-lingual team members, especially interpreters

If you know your football inside and out, and really have a genuine passion for the sport, please contact CFL Ltd. We are always looking for new interpreters and translators who have a good flair for languages, and coupled with your expertise this would be the perfect job for you.

Please send us your CV to with the essestial information at the top of your document: 


1. Contact Number

2. Email Address

3. Current Location

4. Driving Licence 

5. Languages

6. Interpreter/Translater


Important: tell us about yourself, your experiences as an interpreter/or translator and above all what football really means to you.



To apply direct please email or

call Peter direct on: 01737 830774




Apply to be a YOUNG Football Interpreter...

If you are under 30 years old, then new opportunities, training, seminars from the professionals - do await at CFL Ltd.  

Please stay in touch for updates:


Emma Clark

Recruitment Officer

Tel (office): 01737-830 774



For interest please contact:

Tel (direct) Mrs Mariella Clark: 07969-873-616

Tel (office): 01737-830 774






Recruitment Office:

Looking forward to working with you soon!


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