24/7 Service:


We understand football is a 24/7 business and our goal is to be there whenever our clients need us. We provide language support 365 days a year with the same high level of quality and the best competitive prices.


This means that any client can contact CFL Ltd. 24/7. We will always be able to provide an answer to any query and give a quote and/or time-frame by when a translation, subtitle, voiceover or any other specific job can be completed.



All CFL Ltd. football interpreters, translators and language tutors sign a confidentiality agreement (Non-disclosure agreement) with CFL Ltd. before taking on any CFL assignments. CFL Ltd. will in turn sign a confidentiality agreement with the club, football association, football body or football organisation they work with, which in particular safeguards all intellectual property and the privacy of any players or managers involved.

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 Managers, coaches and players move from country to country and it is vital for them to be able to communicate and integrate with their new team... 


A football interpreter’s role is to exactly translate what a manager/player has said in a press conference at an interview...

CFL LTD. provides a full range of media language services...


CFL Ltd. specialises in subtitles: we can provide the basic SRT right to the burnt in subtitles ready for broadcast...


 We have tailor-made a new service to provide instant Social Media translations...


Liveet is the CFL branded solution that responds to the language needs of clubs for their social media communications...


Office: 01737 830774 

Direct: 07973 519-863

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Clark Football Languages Ltd is a bespoke football languages company working in international Football by providing a complete Football language service.