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Football interpreters:


A football interpreter’s role is to exactly translate what a manager/player has said in a press conference at an interview. In order to do this job effectively it is paramount that a football interpreter knows as much of the background of the team that he/she is interpreting for. The interpreter should know the team players positions; what role they play within the team; where they used to play; their nick names; and through experience he/she will know any little idiosyncrasies a manager or player might have when conducting a press conference.


It is also vital that the football interpreter is experienced and confident in what he/or she is doing, as there is nothing more embarrassing than to see an interpreter ‘freeze’ at a major press conference or to get names and other facts wrong. We can guarantee that working together with CFL Ltd. football interpreters will be trained well, will not fall into theses types of scenarios and that the press conferences or interviews will run very smoothly. Working together with CFL Ltd. football interpreters will also make sure the club or national association come across as very professional. The football governing bodies assigned to a specific club or national association always pay special attention to the translation at major press conferences, and they will specifically make a note of how well the translation came across in their reports.

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