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What a CFL CV Should look like

1. Please insert a clear picture of yourself either a working picture to show off your experience as an interpreter or a selfie

2. At the top of your CV please write your full details including your name, email and accessible mobile number such as 

Name // Email // phone number

3. Under your name or next to your name please state your working language(s) such as

Name // Email // phone number

Native Language - 1st Language / 2nd Language - Native Language...etc.

4. Next step, please state whether you are a interpreter or translator or both! 

Name // Email // phone number

Native Language - 1st Language / 2nd Language - Native Language...etc.

Freelance Interpreter /& or  Translator

5. Send a CV & reachable telephone number with your full history of education from High School to University and full history of job experience. Working with CFL we recognise the importance of language qualifications for translation work. With regard with interpreting with your language(s) the requirement is more for experience 

6. Please don't make it too long. We have hundreds of CVs that come through to us everyday so to make it easier for us to get back to you please specify your qualities and your working history clearly and sensibly

7. Also bear in mind the more experience you have the more likely we are to fill you in on a job. However, our jobs are first come first serve so keep your phones on we'll be in touch maybe sooner than you think!

Depending on your age and experience we may interview you. If you think working with Football is for you and you know your football lingo please email us today!

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