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Online media, website and technology experience program ​

We are currently (May 2019) looking for a young team from a London University students who are interested in work experience on a new exciting innovative project service Application to be released 2020:
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Online media, website and technology experience program  ​

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About The Event

With this work experience opportunity you will have applied for a one in a life time program with a bespoke company. You will work closely with media channels and live TV streaming. You do not have to be enthusiastic about football but must have a technological background or takes a major in either design, media, marketing or IT. 

You will have the chance to

- Experience a press conference

- Research at a live game in the control room

- Given VIP access accreditation 

Job description:

- Work on new innovative design ideas

- Work well as a team 

- Good communicators via email/text

- Experience working as a tech developer

- Marketing campaign work

In 2020, CFL will be releasing an Application service (email directly to find out what services we will provide through this new platform)

Computer - home work placement

You must be able to have transport to London or greater London areas.

To apply follow the free ticket instructions to register your application for this unpaid work experience job, if you're application is successful you will be asked to attend a training seminar.

  • Free application ticket

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