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Sports interpreters - Please email

Work with us...we're always looking to recruit new multi-lingual team members

If you know your football inside and out, and really have a genuine passion for the sport, please contact CFL Ltd. We are always looking for new interpreters who have a good flair for languages, and coupled with your expertise this would be the perfect job for you. Since the Covid-19 pandemic some of the interpreting work has been on zoom however most of the work is live & you get to watch the football match too with good seats!

Please send us your CV to with the essential information at the top of your document:

**1. Contact Number / 1 or 2 Phone numbers

2. Email Address

3. Current Location

4. Driving Licence

5. Languages

Important: tell us about yourself, your experiences as an interpreter/or translator and above all what football really means to you.

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